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Prints of 'Time to Fight' now available. 25% of proceeds go to National Network of Abortion Funds 

Hello everyone, 

I created 'Time to Fight' when Roe vs Wade had been overturned.  I think it represents what we as women are all collectively feeling in these dark times for women's rights. I received so many messages and emails of personal stories and how they could relate.  Thank you to all of your who reached out and shared their story.  It is deeply satisfying the create something in which people can connect to on an emotional level.  

The original piece of work now lives in New Orleans, however I now have prints available and I am donating 25% of proceeds to the National Network of Abortion Funds. "The National Network of Abortion Funds builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

If you would like to donate directly, or if you or know someone who needs help, please follow this link for more information.  


Well, it's been a minute... 

My apologies for not updating on here for a little while.  Life has a way of keeping us busy.  Lots to discuss though.  

First of all, I am super honored to be a part of the Art Machine Gallery located in Studio #215 in the Silos at Sawyer Yard.  We have recently been voted into the top 3 in the Houston Chronicles 'Best of' for 2022.  There will be a Gala happening on the 14th of July where they will reveal the #1 voted gallery (fingers crossed it's us!).  I'll be sure to send photos of the gala.  

Next, I have been working on a couple of new series. You may have seen these listed on my social media, though I have not put them in my online store as of yet.  Some of these items have been submitted for jury review for some upcoming shows (hopefully I get chosen).  Once the Jury selection is done I will send out another email announcing their availability.  

One piece that was recently selected is a 30x40 called 'Keep Quiet'  I made this when the documents were leaked about the possibility of Roe vs Wade being overturned.  This was my interpretation of my feelings and how I thought womens voices were being stifled. This was made using all florescent acrylics so you can see the difference with black light and regular light.  This piece is currently on display at Sawyer Yards as a part of their Freedom of Expression exhibit.  It is currently available for sale. 













After Roe vs Wade was overturned I thought my head was going to explode.  I couldn't understand how such a fundamental right to bodily autonomy could be taken away.  So with all my frustrations I created 'Time to Fight' which is a 20x30 also made with florescent acrylics.  The one the looks more green is the one using black light.  This will be ready for sale in the next couple of weeks.  It is very new and still drying. 







Aside from social outrage, I've been working on a mixed media series call 'Missing Pieces'.  Currently I have a couple of 24x48's which are currently in Jury selection, but I also have a couple of smaller 10x20's.  These will be displayed at the Art Machine Gallery later this week.  If you are interested in anything you see in the Art Machine I can arrange payment and delivery.  Please just email me at leslie@ldehavenfineart.com and we'll discuss options.  More to come on this series.  They will all be added to my store in the next week as well.  









Lastly I have been working on a series called Graffiti.  I love the look of buildings that have been weathered and in different states of decay (maybe that weird?).  Old buildings with remnants of graffiti.  Little pops of color that have been painted over but then only to be rediscovered through exposure to the elements over time.  These will be added to my store next week.  And of course if anything interests you, please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for additional images etc...  

The one on the right is a 20x20, the one above is a 18x36










As always, thank you so much for your support.  I greatly appreciate it!  



3 year ARTiversary for the Art Machine Gallery March 12th!  

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about an up coming event happening on March 12th from 6pm to 9pm.  We are a collection of 15 artists located in suite #215 in the Sawyer Yard Silos.  This should be a lot of fun and I hope to see you out there! 

Click the button to RSVP 

Art Machine Gallery is so excited to 
celebrate our 3rd ARTIVERSARY! 

      You are invited to enjoy an evening of ART with us! Savor drinks and lite 
bites, meet our artists and see their latest creations and help us celebrate 
our three-year Artiversary! 

     Art Machine is the only collaborative gallery located inside The Silos at 
Sawyer Yards. We are dedicated to the promotion of emerging and mid-career 
artists and we are extremely proud to be celebrating THREE years of being 
open and a part of Houston’s art community within Sawyer Yards.

New Series to be released Jan 8th at the Art Machine Gallery!  

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Last year had a lot of ups and downs and some how or another we were lucky enough to make it through!  I am very excited and looking forward to what 2022 has to bring.  

This brings me to my first Gallery showing in Houston for 2022.  It starts on Jan 8th and is located in Sawyard Yards in Houston, TX.  If you see anything you like I would be happy to make arrangements to ship a piece to you.  Just let me know if you see something on social media or this website and I'll let you know how we can get your dream artwork to your home! 

New Series!  

I just started a new series call 'Poseidon'.  You may remember hearing the name in Greek mythology.  Most times Poseidon is thought of as the God of the Sea.  Although one interpretation means "Husband to the Earth".  This new series embodies 'Husband to the Earth' by displaying different works of both land and sea.  I hope you like it.  So far there are 4 pieces, but there will be more coming soon!  









I also have new items from the 'Birds of a Feather' Series!  3 new 12x12 pieces all ready to display at the Art Machine Gallery in Houston TX!   

Keep an eye out on social media for more dates, pieces and info!  

And thank you again for your support!  


Items that found new homes!  

Just wanted to share some images of some commission pieces and other works that found new homes recently.  


Earth's Crust is a highly textured mixed media piece with copper leaf edging.  

Wading is a 48x72 Fluid Art on a wood panel commission piece.  This piece was very challenging but the outcome is incredible!  Here it is installed in it's forever home! 

Living on a Grid and Lava Lamp Set made it to their new home in the Pacific Northwest.  Some of my favorite pieces!  

The Upside-Down went to it's forever home in North Carolina.  This was my first large piece I have ever done!  36x48 acrylic on canvas.

If you are ever interested in a particular style but maybe want a different color palette, size etc... feel free to contact me at leslie@ldehavenfineart.com to discuss options and pricing.  

Like always THANK YOU for all the support!  




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Hello everyone,  

If this is your first time visiting please take the time to sign up for our mailing list!  I promise I will not inundate you with constant emails (I find that annoying too).  But I will update when new items are becoming available and offer then to you my mailing list members, FIRST!   And right now I'm offering 25% for all mailing list members through Jan 3rd 2022!

Thank you for visiting the website and like always if you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to shoot me an email at leslie@ldehavenfineart.com 


Black Friday Sales through Nov 29th! 

Hello everyone!  

I am offering a Black Friday discount through Nov 29th. Just enter BLACKFRIDAY15 at checkout to receive 15% off of your item!  

If you are a part of my mailing list you would have received an email that gives you an additional discount that runs through Jan 3rd (if you haven't received it please check your spam mail)  If you are not a mailing list member, sign up now and I will send you the discount code for a total of 20% off that runs through Jan 3rd. 

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays! 

New Show in Houston Texas!  

Hello everyone! 

I know it's been some time since I have posted here.  There have been lots of things changing.  Events being canceled or postponed,  lots of commission work and new pieces that have been added.  Whew!  

One thing on the horizon that I am extremely excited about is the upcoming show 'Happy Distraction' with the very talented Fletcher Stafford on Oct 7th at the Mid Main Gallery in Midtown Houston.  I hope all you locals can make it out it's going to be a fun evening. But even if you don't live in Houston you can participate in the gallery showing and purchase pieces. My work is slightly discounted and you would have to pay for shipping to your home if you are not local.  If you would like more information and photos of items etc... you can contact myself at leslie@ldehavenfinearts.com or Laurie Mills at lauriemills@me.com 

Below is the press release for the show! 

Mid Main Lofts 

Duration: 3 hr 

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook 

Fletcher Stafford and Leslie DeHaven: "Happy Distraction" 
October 7 through November 21, 2021 
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 7, 2021, 6 to 9 pm 

Mid Main proudly presents Fletcher Stafford and Leslie DeHaven in their joint exhibition "Happy Distraction". This show highlights both artists individually as they come together and find similarities in their approach towards life reflected in their artwork. Mid Main is excited to welcome back Fletcher for the third time since his previous show in 2020 and also showcase Leslie’s work for her debut in the gallery space. Come celebrate the opening in conjunction with Mid Main’s First Thursday event on October 7, 2021 from 6 to 9 pm benefitting Second Servings Houston. Masks are strongly encouraged inside the gallery. 

Fletcher Stafford, a native Houstonian, first showed in the Mid Main Gallery in 2019 with the HISD Visual Art Teacher Exhibition and then returned for a solo show Innocent Fascination in 2020. If asked, Fletcher will say he has been making art for as long as he can remember. As a child, he would get lost in his own little world when given a paper and pencil. His grandmother and parents encouraged his pursuit as an artist at a very early age and gave him a life-long joy for creating. Over the past 22 years, Fletcher has evolved as an artist and participated in many exhibitions around Houston. His free approach to creating is truly reflected in the colorful and whimsical aspects of his artwork and specifically his painting. In addition to being an artist, Fletcher is a devoted husband, a father of two boys and a beloved elementary art educator. He also enjoys expressing himself in other artistic mediums as both a poet and a musician. 

Leslie DeHaven shares a similar background as Fletcher, in that she is also a “born artist”. As a child growing up in the Southern Puget Sound, she was heavily involved in photography and learned the art of dark room film development. After receiving several awards in photography contests, Leslie branched out into painting murals and working with ceramics. 

As a musician, Leslie performed percussion and woodwinds with bands around the Santa Cruz, CA area, which segued into a career as an artist and tour management. Touring 46 states and 6 countries around the world broadened her scope and introduced her to local cultures and art wherever she visited. Since the pandemic, Leslie has channeled her creativity toward new mediums as an artist, including painting with acrylics on canvas. Leslie’s abstract paintings speak to people’s emotions and sensitivities through her own reawakening of creativity. 

The opening reception on October 7, 2021 is free and open to the public. All other visits are by appointment only. Please contact Laurie Mills at 713.385.6693 or lauriemills@me.com to schedule a visit or for more information about the exhibition.

Rockport Art Show and new pieces in the store!  

Hello everyone! 

It's been a little while since I have updated things here. I have been getting ready for a number of art festivals and trying to produce a good sized body of work.  I had my first show at the Rockport Art Festival over the 4th of July weekend.  It was a great show with a number of very talented artists.  I met a number of people and received a huge amount of feedback from visitors. The main comments I received were about how much they loved my colors, composition and how unique my work is. This being my first show I was very happy to hear feedback in real time face to face with people. Especially since I've started this journey through the pandemic and everything started virtually. 

My next show will be a local one in Houston.  White Linen Night at First Saturday Art Market on 19th Street in the heights August 7th from 6pm -10pm!  This will be my first local show so I hope to see some of you there who are in the area! 

Now on to the exciting part, New Work! 

Just a quick note.  All prices include the cost of shipping as well as sales tax (for Texas it's 8.2%).  All items listed below can be found in the store either under Original Works or Fluid Art.  

Oceanview- 24x48 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas with Silver Gilded edges 

Playa Mix Tape - 24x36 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas 

Topsy-Turvy- 20x30 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas 

Up From the Ashes- 20x30 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas with Rose Gold Edges 

Fluid Art Pieces added 

20x20 Ocean Wave                                                                                                              

20x20 Tide Pool 

I hope you enjoy the work! Thank you again for all the kind words and support. It is as always, very much appreciated. I hope to see all you Houstonians out at White Linen Night August 7th in the Heights! 


New items in the store!  

Just updated the store and removed sold pieces and added new and available pieces.  All sold items will be added to my previously sold page for later viewing or reference for commission work.  

Items added!

30x40 Tron

30x40 Living on the Grid

20x30 Space Invaders (Sci Fi nerd alert!) 

set of (3) 11x14 Technicolor Forest series #5

Remember that all pricing includes the cost of shipping and if you are a mailing list member you get another 15% off!  Also Free delivery is available in Houston, Texas! 


Thank you so much!!!