What's New?

Rockport Art Show and new pieces in the store!  

Hello everyone! 

It's been a little while since I have updated things here. I have been getting ready for a number of art festivals and trying to produce a good sized body of work.  I had my first show at the Rockport Art Festival over the 4th of July weekend.  It was a great show with a number of very talented artists.  I met a number of people and received a huge amount of feedback from visitors. The main comments I received were about how much they loved my colors, composition and how unique my work is. This being my first show I was very happy to hear feedback in real time face to face with people. Especially since I've started this journey through the pandemic and everything started virtually. 

My next show will be a local one in Houston.  White Linen Night at First Saturday Art Market on 19th Street in the heights August 7th from 6pm -10pm!  This will be my first local show so I hope to see some of you there who are in the area! 

Now on to the exciting part, New Work! 

Just a quick note.  All prices include the cost of shipping as well as sales tax (for Texas it's 8.2%).  All items listed below can be found in the store either under Original Works or Fluid Art.  

Oceanview- 24x48 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas with Silver Gilded edges 

Playa Mix Tape - 24x36 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas 

Topsy-Turvy- 20x30 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas 

Up From the Ashes- 20x30 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas with Rose Gold Edges 

Fluid Art Pieces added 

20x20 Ocean Wave                                                                                                              

20x20 Tide Pool 

I hope you enjoy the work! Thank you again for all the kind words and support. It is as always, very much appreciated. I hope to see all you Houstonians out at White Linen Night August 7th in the Heights! 


New items in the store!  

Just updated the store and removed sold pieces and added new and available pieces.  All sold items will be added to my previously sold page for later viewing or reference for commission work.  

Items added!

30x40 Tron

30x40 Living on the Grid

20x30 Space Invaders (Sci Fi nerd alert!) 

set of (3) 11x14 Technicolor Forest series #5

Remember that all pricing includes the cost of shipping and if you are a mailing list member you get another 15% off!  Also Free delivery is available in Houston, Texas! 


Thank you so much!!! 



New editions to the Technicolor Forest series coming up next week!  

Hello!  I wanted to make you all aware that I will be adding a few more pieces to the Technicolor Forest series next week!  

A 30x40 gallery stretched canvas as well as a set of (3) 11x14 gallery stretch canvas pieces.  These will be available on the store next week!  Email me if you are interested in any of the items leslie@ldehavenfineart.com  

Thank you! 

Midtown Art in the Park on April 3rd!  

I am super excited to announce that I’ll be a featured vendor at this year’s Art in the Park. You can support me and other local artists by #shoppingsmall on April 3rd at 10am. Thank you to #midtownHOU for supporting local artists. For more information follow this link 

The addition of a new series ' Technicolor Forest'! 

I am starting a new series by the name of Technicolor Forest.  This series is a Mid Century Modern vibe with bright bold colors and sharp lines. It's a step away from what I have been doing previously.  I like to work with unconventional tools and made this with squeegees and painters tape!  

This piece is a 30x40 gallery canvas. It is currently drying and will be added to the store once it is cured and sealed which should be about 3 weeks.  

I hope you all like this new bold direction!  

Fire Unleashed 

Finished another Commission piece.  'Fire Unleashed' was created using a "pour" technique.  I used magenta, red, yellow, a pearl tangerine, turquoise and a touch of silver.  It's a 20x30 gallery canvas.  This one will be going to its forever home early March! 

New Products on the way!  

I recently sold out of all of my 11x14 pieces (not a bad problem to have.  And thank you to those who purchased those items!).  I will be working on getting a couple of different series of 11x14's in the next couple of weeks.  I will also have a run of small 8x8 gallery canvas pieces coming through as well. 

Please keep checking back to see the updated inventory!  

It's Carnival time!  

I'm proud to announce that I have just completed a commission piece inspired by the resilience of New Orleans.  I lived in New Orleans for a number of years prior to moving to Houston. I will always have a special place in my heart for that city and the people in it.  It is unlike anywhere else in the United States.   

 'Justice, Faith and Power'.  The title is the three colors of Mardi Gras and what they represent. This will be delivered to its forever home next month after it is completely cured and sealed.  

The Abalone series has been sold!  

If you're checking my inventory you may have seen a change.  The Abalone series has been sold and will be finding a home out in the California mountains!  If you are interested in similar options please contact me for commission options.