About the Artist

To say someone is a “born artist” is exactly what can be said of Leslie DeHaven.  As a child growing up in the Southern Puget Sound she was heavily involved in photography and learned the art of dark room film development.  A photographic award winner at most contests, Leslie branched out into painting murals and working with ceramics through her teens into her twenties.

As a musician she performed percussion and woodwinds with bands around the Santa Cruz, CA area and that brought her into the field of artist and tour management; touring took her to 46 states and 6 countries around the world and introduced her to local culture and art wherever she went.  Her creativity never ceased and was channeled into the myriad of challenges that face touring bands and musicians.

Since the pandemic her creativity has been re-awakened and focused into new and exciting art projects.  Using acrylics on canvas and honing her technique Leslie is creating abstracts and images that really speak to people’s emotions and sensitivities.  Quote the artist, “It has been a creative awakening of sorts.  With the world slowing down for the moment it was a good opportunity to dedicate myself and pursue this as a full time career. I need to get back to my creative roots.”