Rockport Art Show and new pieces in the store!

Hello everyone! 

It's been a little while since I have updated things here. I have been getting ready for a number of art festivals and trying to produce a good sized body of work.  I had my first show at the Rockport Art Festival over the 4th of July weekend.  It was a great show with a number of very talented artists.  I met a number of people and received a huge amount of feedback from visitors. The main comments I received were about how much they loved my colors, composition and how unique my work is. This being my first show I was very happy to hear feedback in real time face to face with people. Especially since I've started this journey through the pandemic and everything started virtually. 

My next show will be a local one in Houston.  White Linen Night at First Saturday Art Market on 19th Street in the heights August 7th from 6pm -10pm!  This will be my first local show so I hope to see some of you there who are in the area! 

Now on to the exciting part, New Work! 

Just a quick note.  All prices include the cost of shipping as well as sales tax (for Texas it's 8.2%).  All items listed below can be found in the store either under Original Works or Fluid Art.  

Oceanview- 24x48 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas with Silver Gilded edges 

Playa Mix Tape - 24x36 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas 

Topsy-Turvy- 20x30 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas 

Up From the Ashes- 20x30 Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Canvas with Rose Gold Edges 

Fluid Art Pieces added 

20x20 Ocean Wave                                                                                                              

20x20 Tide Pool 

I hope you enjoy the work! Thank you again for all the kind words and support. It is as always, very much appreciated. I hope to see all you Houstonians out at White Linen Night August 7th in the Heights!